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Libertas Property Management Inc. is a pet friendly company. 

However, some properties have condo regulations and do not allow pets or have restrictions on the type of pets allowed.  Also, some owners have restrictions and/or exclusions to certain pets.  These restrictions and/or exclusions are above and beyond the decision capabilities of Libertas Property Management Inc.


If a pet is allowed on the premises the following fees and conditions may apply:


1.) Pet Rent - Additional pet rent of $50/month/pet will be incurred.


2.) Pet Application and Agreement - Prior to moving in or having a new pet, a Pet Application and Agreement must be signed, and accompanied by a picture of the pet.  In the agreement the Tenant (Pet Owner) is agreeing to the following items:

  •  It is agreed by the Owner/Property Manager that the tenant may keep the pet(s) described above in their rental property.
  • The Pet Application Fee listed above in non-refundable.
  • The Tenant agrees that this agreement is only for the specific pets described above and agrees to not harbour, substitute, or "pet-sit" any other pet, and to remove any of the pets offspring within 60 days of birth.  Any animal found on the premises other than the pet(s) specified above will be considered a stray and removed at the Tenant's expense.
  • The Tenant agrees to have an identification tag on pets whenever they are outside the premises, and that the tenant will comply with all municipal bylaws regarding pets.
  • The pet shall be on a leash or otherwise under the Tenant's control, and not left unattended, when it is outside the Tenant's unit.
  • Please note that the pet(s) is(are) not permitted in restricted areas.
  • The Tenant agrees to immediately clean up after the pet, both inside and outside the premises and to dispose of any pet waste promptly and in conformance with the appropriate statutes.
  • The Tenant agrees not to leave food or water for the pet outside the premises, where it may attract other animals.
  • The Tenant agrees to abide by all local, city, or province ordinances, licensing, and health requirements regarding pets, including vaccinations.
  • The pet shall not cause any sort of nuisance or disturbance to neighbours.  Noise, day or night, must not disturb others.  The Tenant agrees to do whatever is necessary to keep the pet from making noise that would cause an annoyance to others and take steps to immediately remedy complaints by neighbors or other tenants made to the Tenant, the Owner, the Property Manager or the Authorities.
  • The Tenant agrees to immediately pay for any damage, loss or expense caused by the pet.  Any payment not made for such damage or expense will be considered as rent due.
  • Failure to comply with the terms of this addendum shall give the Owner/Property Manager the right to revoke permission to keep the pet, and is also grounds for immediate termination of the rental agreement.

For further information or questions related to our Pet Policy, please email or call us.


Thank you,

Libertas Property Management Inc.